The Internet of Things has been a technology that has changed a lot of things in the world.

Everything, when connected to the Internet, became so useful. Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing but a technology to connect any kind of device to the Internet. For example, A smartphone is such a useful device but what makes it so useful? Internet connection. Most of the applications that people use worldwide require an Internet connection to run, if we think of the time when there were just normal cellular phones, things were pretty tough, now people can read books, watch a movie, do a video call, search for anything they like, buy their favorite stuff online and so many other things. IoT has changed the technical world in a very positive manner.

An IoT app development company have to make new changes every few months to be able to provide the users with the latest and best in class applications that might increase the usability of their devices. IoT is not just about smartphones, it is also about the microwaves, self-driving cars, fitness devices, etc.

Now, what is AI? AI is just as popular as the IoT and has been there for quite a while now, AI is a branch of Computer Science that deals with the development of machines that are capable of performing some tasks that are coded into it by the developers, the tasks are of a kind that will require human intelligence and that is why it has to be coded in the machine before so it can understand how it has to do something when it is asked or told to do it.

How AI is changing our lifestyle?

AI technology has changed the way machines were made, the machines have become very smart and are now getting even smarter as they developers have made them smart enough to learn on their own by observing the real world, all this has been possible because of the AI technology. An AI development company makes so many types of applications that help people nowadays so much, there are voice assistants that can hear what people say and respond to them, some of the devices like speaker AI assistants can even do the shopping for their users. The world is changing but the technology is changing even faster.

Most of the developments in the world have come because of the development in the technology sector, especially in computer science, the emergence of smartphone technology, the new type of applications, the new devices, all of them are helping into the overall development of the area they are in.

Combining AI with IoT

Now when AI and IoT both are useful, what if they can be combined, what if there was something like AIoT? Well, there is indeed something called AIoT, that is, a technology that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). AIoT is Artificial Intelligence of Things, this technology helps people to achieve more efficient IoT operations, good human-device interaction, and to enhance the management and analytics of data. If the developers implement it properly, AI analytics can change the IoT data into very useful information so that better decisions can be made. Artificial Intelligence Solutions, when combined with the Internet of Things Solutions, can make the devices a very powerful tool.

There is so much scope for the Mobile Application Development companies if they use AIoT, the combination can do wonders in the market if used properly. AIoT is mutually helpful for both AI and IoT technologies, AI can add value to IoT technology through its machine learning capabilities and on the other hand AI can be benefitted by IoT through its power of connectivity, signaling, and exchange of data. There is a large amount of human-oriented and machine-generated unstructured data because the IoT network is spread around major industries. For this, AIoT can provide a solution, a solution or support for data analytics, it can help create value out of this data generated through the IoT industries.

With the help of the IoT technology, AI can be infused into the infrastructure components like programs, chipsets, and edge computing, all of it is interconnected with the IoT networks.

The concept of AIoT is very new in the market but the technology is very promising and can change it for the best. A Hybrid App Development Company can make use of this technology very efficiently. There are many verticals which will get affected by this technology, and affected in a positive way, verticals like enterprise, industrial, and consumer product and the service sector, these verticals will grow with the help of this technology. There are many operational problems that can be solved through AIoT, for example, the problems like solving the expense associated with effective human capital management (HCM) or even the complexity of supply chain and delivery models.

Scope of AIoT:

Most of the AIoT applications are as of now in retail product-oriented and most of the time it is focused on the implementation of cognitive computing in the field of consumer appliances. The smart home technology that has been launched in the market a while ago is also considered a part of AIoT as the smart appliances learn through human interaction with the help of AI and then they can respond.

If it is looked at from the data analytics point of view, AIoT technology can easily combine machine learning with IoT and the system in order to create data “learning machines”. This thing can be then applied to enterprise and industrial data use cases to capture IoT data. It can capture the data like the edge of networks, to automate tasks in a workplace that is connected. The key value of all the use cases and solutions of all AIoT is the real-time data.

One more important application of AIoT is that it can also be used with the social media and human-resource-related platforms to create an AI decision as a service function for the Human resource professionals.

Practical Examples of AIoT:

  • Smart Retail:

In the smart retail environment, a camera installed in the store can recognize the face of the customer who walks into the store by using the face recognition technology that is based on AI. The system can acquire much important information about the customers through this like the gender, preference of products while shopping, the flow of traffic, and many more. The system can then efficiently analyze the data that is collected to predict the behavior of the customers accurately.

The information after proper analysis can be used for the growth of the retail business, new strategies can be formulated, existing plans and strategies could be dropped or manipulated in order to gain maximum profit. It can also help the owners figure out a way to run the store smoothly by knowing all the problems that the customers face while they search for some products.

The system can analyze that most of the customers that walk into a specific retail store belong to the upper class, or the customers buy the specific types of products more than others and with that information, the retail store owner can formulate a plan to keep more products that the class of customers or group of customers wish to buy. They can advertise efficiently if they get to know which things are more popular in their store and which things they can offer to their target audience. This technology can also identify users who can steal things from the store so that the retail stores can take action and block them from entering the store in the future.

  • Drone and CCTV Traffic Monitoring:

Traffic monitoring has changed in the past few years, there are cameras installed on the traffic lights that can record various information about the vehicles like the speed at which it travels and the number of the vehicle, the model, and type. The technology has advanced to a level where if someone breaks a traffic law the notice is directly sent to their house with the receipt.

This happens in the following way, the camera records the information which is sent to the system for further analysis. In this way, the camera uses the IoT technology to connect the camera to a system to share the recorded data, then the recorded data with the help of AI algorithms analyses it and then it can find out things like the owner of the vehicle, the address of the person who owns the vehicle, the history of the person, and the amount that has to be entered on the receipt as per the law that has been broken by the individual. The AI development company has made it very easy to make the traffic system stronger than ever.

Now in some smart cities, the traffic monitoring has gone even a level higher, it is done through the drones. The traffic is monitored in real-time just the way the CCTV cameras do it, through it the system can make adjustments to the real-time traffic by adjusting the traffic signals, this way the congestion can be reduced and a smooth flow of traffic can be maintained. Drones can be used to monitor a large area with respect to the CCTV, they are not fixed and can move from one location to another capturing more details and more data.

This helps in calculating the speed limit of the vehicles when they are on the running road. It can maintain traffic by ensuring strict speed-related laws. The drones can monitor if the timings of the signals need to be changed without the involvement of a human, and make the traffic flow better. The drones can also detect the accidents happening in an area and with all the data recorded by them the systems can later figure out what are the main reasons of accidents in a particular area and with the help of that the traffic department can formulate policies to reduce the accidents by taking necessary measures.

The drone system can also detect illegal parking, there are people who illegally park their vehicles in the no parking areas that create congestion. With the help of the drone system, the traffic department can reduce such incidents.

  • Office Buildings:

This is one more area where the two technologies IoT and AI meet and help mankind. There are some enterprises that wish to install a network of smart environmental sensors in the buildings of their offices. The sensors can detect the people who are present in the building in the Real-Time. It can also record and adjust the temperature and lighting accordingly. This can save a lot of energy for the enterprises cutting down their cost to a great extent. One more important application of these sensors is to provide access to important and sensitive areas and information to only authorized people by authenticating them through either fingerprint identification or face recognition.

The combination of a camera and the AI system can help a lot here too. The videos and images taken in real-time can be used by the system to find out useful information after proper analysis. It can help the systems determine which people should be given access and which people should be restricted from some specific areas and records. AIoT works together to keep the operations of the company go on without any interruptions and also it keeps the records and the place safe from unwanted visitors and attacks.

The system will eliminate the need for a separate attendance system for the employees as the AIoT system will take care of it. The AIoT technology can give the enterprises freedom from handling many parts of the operations that will otherwise need a separate department or a separate system. It saves time and a lot of cost to the businesses.

  • Management of fleet and Autonomous Vehicles:

AIoT has is a savior, the technology helps in maintaining so many things for people. It can also be used for the management of a fleet, it can monitor the vehicles of a fleet. It can reduce the cost of the fuel for them by recording analyzing important data, it can track the vehicle’s maintenance.

It can also help in detecting unsafe driving behavior. There is the Internet of Things solutions in the form of devices like the GPS installed in vehicles and through them, the companies are able to manage their fleet and this is done when we combine this technology with the AI. So, IoT is a technology that has to be thanked for it.

One more place where AIoT has used in the autonomous vehicles like the Tesla’s autopilot systems, they use the radar technology, sonars, GPS, and some cameras to gather the data about the conditions of driving. After the data is collected by these IoT devices then AI technology is used to make the important decisions to help the autopilot system.

  • Autonomous Robots used for Delivery:

This area uses AIoT technology just how autonomous vehicles use it. The robots have sensors installed in them that help them to gather information important for their functioning. After the data is gathered the AI helps the robots to make decisions that help them in their work. Artificial Intelligence solutions have helped in developing this kind of technology.

An IoT app development company when collaborates with an Artificial intelligence company, makes a system that can help enterprises, institutions, the govt. Organizations in many ways. The trends are changing, be it the applications market or the security services market, or any other sector and that is why enterprises need to know about all the latest technologies that can help them in their growth. The Mobile Application Development companies have to try to break the stereotype of the development market and need to focus on new technology-based applications like AIoT applications. The best utilization of this technology can be done by a Hybrid App Development Company. They can integrate both the technologies with hybrid applications that can run on any device and help the target users in the best way possible.


AIoT technology has so many benefits and applications and no consequences. The businesses can use it to record and analyze important information to make efficient plans. The AIoT systems don’t need any human involvement to record and analyze the data of an enterprise. Other new technologies can also make use of it to make the product smart so that it can work on its own.

This is a time of smart machines and IoT is the best way to make the machines smart. Alone AI and IoT are limited but when they come together, the technology can do wonders. enterprises around the world need to know about this technology. They should implement it so they can ensure fast and proper growth. This new technology is going to the big thing in the market very soon. Although it is not so popular as of now, it is still one of the best and most important technologies that have been developed in recent times.

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