Market Place Solution

What are Marketplace Solutions?

An online Marketplace is a category of e-commerce marketplace solution, which facilitates buying and selling among multiple third parties. In other words, it is multi-channel e-commerce because it acts as an aggregator for multiple sellers, and provides an online marketplace for consumers. A marketplace platform typically incorporates features such as catalog listing, ordering, payments, return and exchange management, and may also include auctions. Common marketplace solutions operate in B2C mode for products. However, marketplace platforms may also be used to sell services and also work in B2B mode.

We don’t just build a technology platform, but also offer advice on the market opportunity, and the expected revenue streams. We provide robust and scalable platforms with flexible features. Good functionality and excellent UI and UX are a feature of our offerings. Apart from displaying catalogs of all sellers, we also provide facility for discounts & offers, and also inventory management.


B2C Marketplace

Starting At $1099.00

This is the most common marketplace solution where consumers can buy from multiple vendors. Our platform allows sellers to introduce new products and even new product categories. Marketplace data could be suitably presented to customers to enhance order bookings. We ensure effective SEO as well, which helps to significantly improve web traffic to client’s site.

B2B Marketplace

Starting At $1099.00

This solution has gained prominence in recent years and helps manufacturing companies to buy from vendors directly and also sell finished products to distributors and franchises. Extending this marketplace further, it can enable distributors to sell on this platform and third party seller may also be added We provide a scalable platform.

Services Marketplace

Starting At $1099.00

Services could be standalone or may be offered along with products for instance, istallation of white goods and maintenance may be offered as a complementary service on this platform, here again the platform features are similar to product marketplace and allow good flexibility. One could offer additional facilities like booking appointment, advance payment etc. for services marketplace.



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