VR is virtual reality. It immerses you entirely into a virtual world. It’s hardware consists of a head mounted display, which also contains sensors that track viewer’s head and control the view such that the viewer has an illusion of being in a different (virtual) world. The head mounted display is connected to a computer which runs a specific VR application software. The viewer can see virtual life-size 3D images and even interact with them. AR is Augmented reality, this technology adds digital objects to the real world. Such digital overlays could be 3D objects, textual data, or videos. Mixed reality combines VR and AR. The user feels she is in the real world and experiences virtual objects as real. Panorama is a wide angle continuous view of the space surrounding a viewer. 360 degree panoramas are commonly created with technologies and applications currently available. VR, AR. and panorama are being increasingly used in marketing, architectural and industrial products.

How we can help

Your product may be architectural (e.g. real estate), industrial or commercial; we help you create unique views, combined with memorable user experience. Our professional expertise with VR/AR and Panorama ensures spectacular results whether your customer views your product in 360 degree Panorama, takes an interactive walkthrough, or a VR flythrough.
We use global standards in 3D-technology and our graphic designing helps in intuitive viewing and easy navigation. Our solutions can be optimized to your specific requirement, and even tailored to your budget. We also have solutions to provide mobile device compatibility.


These include interactive virtual website, a 360-degree virtual tour website development and also visual commerce solutions such as virtual walk through in a store to facilitate purchase by customers. A virtual tour using Google Street View can also be offered.

3D Rendering

This is particularly suited to architectural applications. We provide pre-visualization support, interior and exterior rendering, video walk through, and 360 degrees interactive Panorama applications, to name a few of our key solutions.

Mobile AR App

Using AR, we can provide an interactive channel for users to experience your brand in a more engaging manner. We can superimpose text, videos and 3D animation on your brand’s image that would instantly draw viewer’s attention, and thereby add value to your promotional visuals.

We also develop custom VR/AR solutions please contact us for more information


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