With over 5 billion unique mobile users, Mobile App Marketing Tips For Small Businesses marketing to people with smart devices can enhance the brand’s awareness and improve conversions. Some of the statistics prove the aforementioned.

  • Mobile ad spending accounts for 72% of the digital advertisements purchased in the U.S.
  • More than 90% of businesses that use an advanced personalization strategy saw revenue growth in 2020.
  • Mobile devices are responsible for over 40% of the transaction that people complete online.

Strategies That Can Drive Traffic for Mobile App Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Design A Responsive Site

Just making a website and its content mobile-friendly isn’t enough. Your marketing content, mobile ads, everything must be mobile be optimized.

Mobile, as well as website optimization, can enhance the conversion rate to 5% or even more. There are ways to optimize your website along, creating a responsive site design. One of the common ways of optimizing the site is mobile-specific development platforms, such as building the site in HTML5 and using an adaptive design.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Mobile optimization includes the elements of the site, inclusive of the infrastructure. Website content is entirely different from mobile devices. Using shorter sentences, engaging headers, and relevant media such s high-quality images or videos.

Most people skim through the content thus, it must be easily readable. Use engaging caption when creating and adding videos. Almost 85% play videos on Facebook without sound because captions give the message even when the audio is muted.

Use Voice Search

As smart devices grow, the search through voice has also grown. The voice capabilities in smart devices are making things much easier for people. Over half of the households in the world will have to own a voice-enabled device by 2022 and shall increase the current ownership numbers by 42%. 34% of people of the total number of people who do not own a voice-enabled device are interested in owning one.

Voice search has a great potential to drive sales. Thus keeping the common actions and keywords in mind, you can include your business for voice search in order to generate sales.

Location-Based Marketing

A small business can advantage from a mobile app with location-based marketing techniques such as geo fencing for marketing mobile users. This will help reach users location-wise, especially within their location, and offer local recommendations such as food delivery or travel services.

When you look into stats, you will see over 80% of marketers consider location-based marketing leads. Marketers using this technique share that this can enhance customer base by 85%, response rates by 83%, and customer engagement by 83% altogether.

Social Media Ads

Email is the most widely used technique for marketing social media undoubtedly, overpowered this method. Hence most marketers are focusing on creating a profile and Social Media Marketing Services for their business on social media platforms.

Some tests like the A/B testing are to see how the posts are performing across different platforms. Social media is a medium that encourages people to buy things from their fav brands. 76% of U.S consumers have purchased from their favorable brand on social media.

On-Site And In-App Support

Easy access to customers is the best way to improve the customer experience that every company seeks. Whether it is a live chat feature to resolve the customer’s problems or support the customer with any product or service, the in-app support feature makes it easy for the customer connects with the technical person of the brand.

Stats says that over 40% of people who visit the website expect to see a live chat feature, and the percentage increases wit 50% for mobile users.

Some of the renowned marketer and specialists offer some mobile app marketing tips for the small business to scale seamlessly. These tips will guide you through the levels of success that you have been wanting to achieve.

Tips For Mobile App Marketing To Scale Your Business

Building Up The Credibility

The marketing goals for business may vary, but they must be centered around building more and more positive reviews. It is better to invite friends and family to review your brand.

Find The Right Tools

However, websites and apps, including the app store optimization, are important to maximize the downloads. Since the number of app downloads is in millions thus optimizing the product makes it easier for the users to find.

Find The Right Platform

Different social media platforms serve different purposes. For instance, for better facilitating app downloads, you can refer to Facebook instead of choosing an outdoor advertising platform. In order to market within other applications that consumers have on their phones, one can refer to Google Ad Mob.

Measure CPI And Advertise Wisely

There is always a defined cost set for advertisement. The app downloads are measured through CPI – Cost Per Install Index. However, CPI per vertical market varies, which is rising every year, it was $2.98 per user in 2015.

Include Your App In Email

This is one of the ways to help market the app without much effort. Email communication helps you cater to information about your app and brand to the customers personally that acts as a great influencer.

Know The Competitive Edge

Before marketing your product or brand, you need to understand your target audience. Also, to outreach your ideal customer, you must discover the app’s unique selling propositions. Such as, the feature or a thing that makes your app unique and why is it better than your competitors!

Develop A Social Media Strategy

Regardless of the size of the company, every business should adopt a social media strategy or hire a Mobile App Design Company that can help you increase brand reach and draw you towards the right audience. A social media strategy can be a powerful communication tool between the app developer and end-user, helping to increase rankings and visibility.