Inifye cyber security team comprises of a wide range of experts, ranging from investigators and defenders right to ethical hackers. Our experts have an extensive background in helping corporate businesses enhance their defenses and make them robust enough against modern cyber threats of the digital world.

It is these experts who consult with you and design and implement optimal cyber security solution for your organization.

Through our expertise in the areas of cyber security advisory, realistic hacking simulation, organizational training, in-depth investigations, cyber security evaluation, and such, we have been successfully securing businesses in the domains of healthcare, telecommunication, service-based, financial services, banking services, industry and manufacturing, etc.


Smart Security Operations Center

Extend the current security potential of your organization by leveraging the rich expertise and experience of our team at smart security operations center. The team easily adapts to any security system that you might be currently using and can help you with 24/7 monitoring of organization assets like applications, devices, network traffic, systems, etc, cyber incident response, gathering and analyzing intelligence on important security aspects, and so on.

Cyber Security Evaluation

Inifye experts adopt the perspective of a potential attacker when evaluating the security defenses of your organization. The idea is to identify any gaps and loopholes in the defenses that lay open for exploitation, and then bridging those gaps to minimize the possibility of any security incidents. It is through an evaluation like this, that we are able to strengthen your organization’s security in a practical way

Realistic Hacking Simulation

Your organization constitutes several critical assets that deal with sensitive and confidential information that need to be protected at all costs. In our realistic simulations, we utilize the process of ethical hacking to help you assess the security of your organization against a real-world cyber threat. Carrying out the hacking in a safe and controlled manner, we test your external and internal defense abilities in various ways.

Employee Training

Your employees are an integral part of all your efforts in enforcing and maintaining superior cyber security mechanisms for the organization. This is why it’s important to involve them in the process as closely as possible and educate and train them on how they can contribute in this area on their end. It’s time you prepare your employees for handling and responding to cyber attacks smartly.


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