Inifye Technologies Partnership Program comprises of two beneficial partnerships that are specifically designed to meet the business requirements of small to medium and large enterprises. Inifye is always excited to forge strong partnerships with ambitious organizations that aspire to empower their business with cutting-edge technology. Inifye, being at the forefront of technology and innovation, assists businesses in achieving their short-term as well as long-term goals.

Why Inifye is Right Choice ?


You may requisition a product, a web application, a mobile app or any other technology solution or service and then rebrand it with your company’s name. to enhance the value of your company.


In this partnership model, you may market the products, services and technology solutions of Inifye and represent our company in the Regional & international market. You will earn commission for every project deal that is successfully finalized.

As the name suggests, this program makes us your associate partner. If you need help with a development project or simply want to hire skilled development, design and marketing teams, we will help. Inifye already has dedicated teams for all development related tasks along with a modern infrastructure, which you can hire on a per project or hourly basis.

Once you join our partnership, we will assign dedicated staff to work on your project. The price for our associate partners would be lower than the standard rate.

Simply looking to hire a temporary technical staff with all the resources and skills? Join our technology/strategic partnership program to get your hands on one of the best technical staff in the world. Get rid of the various responsibilities involved with the hiring of technical manpower. We will do it all to ensure that you get the best team trained in the latest technologies while you get more business to us. Make profits on a pre-agreed basis.

Our strategic partnership involves you acting as the front of the business, communicating with clients and bringing projects, while we provide all the technical and development support through our efficient team.

This is a special partnership program, which is exclusive to those who want to make profits by marketing our products, services and solutions to target customers. This is a pure referral program where a partner is given a pre-agreed commission, either in the form of credits or as a percentage of the project cost, for every new project they bring to us. The commission will be given only for deals that are closed on our end, however, it would be our responsibility to work out the details and finalize the deal.

The credits given as commission can be used by our partners for future projects.

Inifye Partnership Program Features

Get engaged in a professional Partnership with a Reputed Organization

Full-time Staff

Our staff consisting of 250+ skilled developers, designers, analysts and online marketers is capable of serving all your professional needs.

Great Experience

We have experience of 15+ years in a wide range of industries and have successfully delivered the best quality projects till date.

Attractive Partner Benefits

Inifye partnership program offers numerous monetary and other benefits to all our partners through various interesting schemes.

Dedicated Managers

We have dedicated account managers assigned for each project and for each client to ensure seamless communication and satisfaction.

Better Reputation

By partnering with an internationally-recognized firm like Inifye, you will acquire a better reputation and more business in your respective markets.

Industry Leader

We are an industry leader in terms of top quality services like web development, app development, designing, and online marketing.

Affordable Cost

We provide the best price packages which are based on market analysis and research and fit the budget of every type of business.

Technology-oriented Solutions

Our technology solutions and techniques are regularly updated to be in line with the latest developments in the world of mobile and the internet.