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 Inifye approaches blockchain and its adjoining technologies which includes smart contracts, distributed ledger, and shared ledger. We at Inifye provides a number of offerings to assist in the adoption, integration, and awareness of blockchain networks. We also bring blockchains core strength in other relevant technological areas to amplify its value. With our expert artificial intelligence programming, we help you to think intelligently and bring you the benefits of AI 2019 to ensure better business automations and operational efficiency.


Blockchain technology uses the classic centralized architecture in which:

Block: A block is developed which holds encrypted data and hashed group of valid transactions. Likewise, multiple blocks are formed which are then interlinked to each other using a cryptic hash linking every block from a previous block forming a chain.

Chain: The chain of block gives you the ability to store data on multiple computers simultaneously.

Innovation and ideation
  • Continuously identify relevant use cases to harvest the benefits of blockchain technologies
  • Collaborate with clients to evaluate existing processes, pain points, and goals to brainstorm domains for blockchain adoption
  • Enable clients to grasp the broad innovation landscape of blockchain opportunities through our thought leadership and growing ecosystem tracking
Strategy development
  • Lead clients in defining blockchain goals and objectives as part of their unique journey with a strategic plan to define “where to play and how to win”
  • Craft comprehensive business cases to enable executive buy-in to drive business, technology, integration, talent, and consortium operating models
  • Develop strategies to pilot and implement blockchain based solutions for prioritized/selected use cases
Blockchain & crypto solutions by inifye technologies
  • Accelerate build of blockchain prototypes, leveraging our technical expertise, industry knowledge and partnership across platforms, to satisfy unique client requirements
  • Leverage our library of over 30 proof of concept solutions to serve as accelerators across supply chain, loyalty, know your customer (KYC), trade finance, identity, payments, and more
  • Define an iterative and flexible approach to match the rapid changes in the ecosystem
Product development
  • Mobilize our highly trained and technical global blockchain practitioners to not only re-engineer business processes but also build applications
  • Deliver as one team in partnership to leverage advanced and effective blockchain technology vendor platforms to cater to client requirements
  • Offer our broad set of services, across compliance, technology, talent, operations, and tax, to effectively integrate your blockchain solution

Blockchain is taking the industries such as healthcare, real estate, banking by storm by delivering brilliant solutions that allow secure, decentralized, and powerful transferring and documentation of data. At Inifye we have made it our mission to continually render much more advanced solutions and achieve something that is beyond the generic use of blockchain technology. We aim at rendering you the whole new breed of custom blockchain development services that give away league apart enterprise-class solutions. Our technical prowess has led us to touch the popular app platforms and protocols that include, Corda, Lisk, Ethereum, Virtual Machine, Hyperledger, Bitcoin.

Blockchain Technology Solutions

From Custom Cryptocurrencies, hash algorithms, architectures, individual nodes to distributed ledger technology, we at Inifye cover it all in our Blockchain development. Proof of work, concept models, and Stake are an integral part of our consensus protocol which help us in the eradication of double-spending error and eliminate the need for outmoded third parties. Going each time a mile ahead in our development process we use advanced decentralized web technology and use BaaS from Oracle, AWS, IBM, Microsoft Azure.

Blockchain Mining Software

Designed to improve the general ledger security, we embedded software experts program cryptocurrency mining computers. To speed up transaction verifications, we integrate ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chips within the internal mining hardware and programming double-round hash verification features. We also do mining farms development for which we design the miner performance dashboard, create compressive architecture solutions, create decentralized networks for mining pools, and much more.

Blockchain Smart Contract Development

We do blockchain smart contract development, supply decentralized web solutions for e-commerce, real estate, finance, supply chain, gaming industries, and other services. We are a blockchain development company that does custom code smart contracts for registering loan requests, validation of insurance eligibility, letter generation for credit transactions, intellectual property, creating decentralized autonomous organizations, and many others. We also do smart contract audit tool development for data integrity and optimum performance.

Blockchain Wallets and Exchange Applications

We do wallet app development. Our blockchain application services include Blockchain-enabled blockchain app development for desktops, mobile and browser apps. We also do bitcoin wallet app development with inbuilt features such as trading multiple cryptocurrencies, blockchain tokens, online purchases, participating in coin offerings, auto-generating private and public keys. Our wallet app development enables you for data history check and hypermedia examining for any block. We take hefty security and encryption measures with multi-signature confirmation.

Blockchain Banking Solutions

We aim to resolve enterprise problems of industries such as the banking sector. Our blockchain development enables payment integrations through cryptocurrencies. We promote smart contract blockchain banking solutions in payment delivery, security transactions, financing international trade, transferring syndicated loans, and others. Our software solutions include KYC and anti-money laundering protocols (AML) for added security.

Blockchain Software Expertise

Modular apps and integrated cryptocurrency functionality is rendered into website and applications using expertly designed and integrated APIs, libraries, SDKs, and other documentation using blockchain technology. We use popular blockchain exchanges including Coinbase, Tierion, Factom, ChromaWay, SICCAR, Neurowave, and others in addition to the crypto client development services.

Our global ecosystem of blockchain labs for education, ideation, strategy, prototyping, and development supports our clients in harnessing the opportunities and capabilities that blockchain technology has to offer. Here is a list of our current library of blockchain solutions, and we are continuously working on new proofs of concept and adding to our solutions catalog.

Auto lending: A platform that simplifies the indirect auto finance process using blockchain capabilities. The auto lending solution creates an auto loan marketplace that connects dealers, lenders, and customers to facilitate the process of smart loans.

Bancassurance: A distributed ledger technology prototype, using hyperledger fabric, our Bancassurance solution automates labor-intensive processes through smart contracts. The solution facilitates onboarding and premium payments between an insurance company and banks while improving the transparency and productivity of the industry as a whole.


Business registry and licensing: A blockchain-powered business registration and licensing process that brings together business registrants and government bodies that can access one platform to manage and check the status of a business registrant’s application. Enables a single online service for business owners to interact in a reliable manner with the government and allows for more effective digital interactions across levels of government.

Cross-border payments: A working prototype, part of the digital bank, built on top of Stellar and Ripple blockchain rails where customers can send money cross-border simply by knowing the receiver’s phone number or email. This working prototype facilitates direct payments, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Crypto tags: Secure digital identity plus marketplace potential for physical goods. Combining the internet of things with blockchain to demonstrate how a physical asset can be digitized, effectively make a “digital twin” of an asset.

Customer onboarding: Creating a seamless onboarding experience for individuals and organizations. The onboarding module is part of the digital bank accelerator’s broader microservices architecture. Digital identity through blockchain eliminates the overhead for onboarding new customers in a secure and trusted manner.

Digital onboarding integrated with KYC: This solution is based on a blockchain KYC solution that would be shared by a group of financial institutions and used (with the customer’s consent) to speed up the account opening process, eliminating the need for a client to fill in data and upload a document each time they engage with a new institution.

Double financing alert | eMortgage alert: Generates an alert to the primary financier when the same property is financed more than one time. Distributes all mortgage information on the DLT platform, and creates alerts of double financing without exposing the financing parties, customer information, or other sensitive information.

EduScrypt: Facilitates the real-time validation and sharing of certified qualifications, meeting regulatory requirements and enabling organizations to better manage professional qualifications.

Fraud detection solution: This blockchain and machine learning-based fraud detection solution facilitates real-time fraud detection, whereby anomalies in transactions are captured and risk scores are generated based on the corresponding transactions IDs in the chain. Identifies behavior associated with malware.

Fund distribution: We are building a solution to demonstrate how blockchain technologies can simplify and improve efficiencies in today’s fund distribution. The process to purchase a fund is significantly simplified for a customer, which may increase customer loyalty and sales volume.

GlobalConnect: Solves the challenge of the existing heterogeneous networks in the global supply chain and trade finance ecosystems, allowing true trade connectivity without compromising the flexibility of the local ecosystem to adopt a different technology.

Insurance–first notice of loss (FNOL): Enabling the first notice of loss process, one of the most critical interactions between the insured and insurers, via blockchain. With flood claims as to the use case, the objective is to automate the discovery of impacted members of the insured population in areas to be experiencing flood events, as reported by third-party agencies. Use of blockchain for rapid event impact data collection, automated processing of claims that minimizes adjudication efforts based on predefined parameters.

Know your customer (KYC) utility: An innovative distributed ledger technology (DLT) approach to reduce the burden of KYC reporting through the creation of economies of scale among ecosystem players without the need for a unique KYC utility.

LenderBot: This proof of concept provides tools for tracking microinsurance operations from new client onboarding until the contract due date. Using blockchain to facilitate the onboarding process for new clients creates an agile KYC and builds confidence between transaction stakeholders in order to offer new kinds of flexible and personalized solutions.

Loans management |SAP/HANA and blockchain: Deloitte and SAP are collaborating to integrate distributed ledger technology with SAP loans management for banking, SAP S/4HANA edition.

Blockchain-based solution that substitutes paper-based certificates of ownership with smart contracts stored in the blockchain. This solution is designed for comprehensively servicing a large variety of lending products, including bonded loans, from loan set up torepayment.

RegChain | MiFID II: Using blockchain technology to improve the MiFID II reporting framework to the European Union (EU). Provide an accessible data layer that sits over existing systems, connecting data from multiple systems to form a single user-friendly view of the customer which satisfies EU regulations such as MiFID II. The solution creates a single source of truth for the data which is replicated across multiple departments without discrepancies due to its shared nature and consensus mechanism.

Track and trace: Enables tracking and tracing of finished goods and materials, providing users with a high level of trust that data viewed and stored on the chain is authentic-from registration to delivery of finished products.

Trade finance platform: Top tier solution to manage the financing activities related to commerce and international trade among multiple parties, such as importers and exporters, financiers, insurers, export credit agencies, and other service providers.

Trade finance | Letter of credit simplification: Letter of credit streamlined and simplified for buyers, sellers, and banks. The process of creating and updating documentation is manual and effort-intensive across the transaction lifecycle. This solution digitizes the workflow process across the transacting entities increases transparency and can reduce the effort required throughout the letter of credit lifecycle by 60-90 percent.


We aim to deliver the best-in-class experiences, driven by strong creative approaches, rooted in the technology, data, and organizational strategy required for operational excellence, seamless technology integration, marketing effectiveness and business profitability.