At INIFYE, we are driven by a strong sense of responsibility towards the society. We believe in making endeavors that help society progress towards a better future.

Our CSR policy

Right from our foundation, we have been active in taking initiatives that attempt to address and resolve the economic, environment and social challenges that are prevalent in today’s world. Our sincere efforts towards making the world a better place are reflected in our business policies and practices. As part of our commitment towards CSR, we have employed our competency in technology to develop solutions that have far-reaching positive impact on the society’s well-being.

We have volunteered for many projects that work towards the development of community through provisioning of better education, better opportunities and better environment. Creating a world where one and all can leverage the benefits of technology is an important driving factor for our CSR efforts. The key areas where our CSR policy greatly focuses on are Industry, Environment, People and Community.


Inifye has built strong relationships with clients from around the world across various industries. We actively support the society development programs that are advocated by our clients..


We are vigilant about how we impact the environment. Which is why our CSR policy emphasizes on less energy consumption and smart utilization of resources to prevent wastage. We believe in conducting our business operations in environment friendly ways to ensure a planet that is sustainable and healthy. Our business practices are always in alignment with our efforts for a better environment.


Our employee workforce is a very integral part of our organization. We strive to create an atmosphere where all our employees are given opportunities to grow, excel and build a progressive career. Our ethical code ensures fair treatment and positive work atmosphere for all our employees.


We actively support many society welfare and development projects, charities and volunteer programs for the betterment of the communities where Inifye is present..


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