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Custom web application and website development

Are looking for website development and custom web application in Trinidad & Tobago? Inifye Technologies offers latest trending custom web application development and design.



What is Web Development?

Inifye is one of Leading Web Development Companies which provide web development services, Portals are a form of websites that are able to present content from different sources in an integrated manner. Yahoo and MSN are two prime examples of portals, which provide detailed content from news and sports to entertainment and technology. Unlike a normal website, portals allow users to interact with it and carry out data transactions. Portals are often a one stop shop for information about the entity they represent. They may also provide shopping experience in the form of e-commerce. Portals are a secure and a low-cost platform for information and data interchange with multiple users.

How we can help

We are a professional web design company, with experience in developing different portals for a host of user segments. Our portals are easy to navigate and use effective content management. Our development and design provide a helpful dashboard and admin-side controls, along with useful reports. Our development architecture is secured from unauthorized access, yet our content is easily searchable and is updated in a pre-defined regime.

We use standard portal platforms to implement customer-centric web development. For small and medium businesses, we prefer low cost open-source platforms like PHP Nuke whereas for larger clients Liferay and Jetspeed are our preferred options. We also provide effective SEO to ensure good website ranking in search engines.


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