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Helping clients identify and leverage new business avenues

Inifye has collaborated with several clients engaged in the hi-tech industry and delivered scalable, secure and highly optimized solutions to give them an edge in their respective domains. Our key solution and service offerings include product engineering and development services, product life cycle management, business analytics and big data related services, cloud implementation services, enterprise application solutions, enterprise-wide content and asset management, infrastructure management services, supply chain management, customer relationship management and production planning, management and optimization. We have served clients from industries like electronics, software vendors, storage devices and servers, etc. We design sustainable solutions that help with minimization of costs, improvement of business operations and boost in revenue growth. Add innovative value to your products and engage your customers better with Inifye solutions

Our Scope

Global Software Product Makers

Our 12+ years of experience and wide-ranging technology expertise helps us design and deliver customized and high quality software development services that resolve business complexities and improve productivity.

Hi Tech Startups

Helping High-tech startups establish themselves by understanding the market trends, developing product offerings accordingly and managing relations with customers. We enable you to focus on business growth while we take care of your IT needs

SAAS & PAAS Providers

Inifye has extensive proficiency in developing software for SAAS and PAAS providers. Our cloud based solutions are tailored to meet the exact business requirements and keep up with current technological innovations.

IOT Component Manufactures

Supplement your IoT components with effective software solutions that optimize operations and productivity and render new efficiency to the IoT components


Inifye is a leading name in providing high-performing products that are designed and engineered using cutting-edge technology. Our hi-tech solutions have helped our clients achieve new heights of excellence. Following are some of the areas where we have established our expertise.

  • Domain-led Experience and Service Design
  • Product Definition and MVP development
  • Global and Regional Product Delivery Centers
  • DevOps and CI/CD
  • Engineering Productivity Tools and Services
  • Cloud Advisory , Migration and Managed Services
  • Full Scale Integration across all tiers
  • Performance Management and Optimization
  • Full Cycle Managed Engineering and Software Support Services