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Revolutionary Solutions for Better Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is undergoing rapid changes as the power of digitization has expanded in to the segments of healthcare providers and payers. As a result, healthcare organizations are required to reevaluate their existing systems and adopt the necessary changes to upgrade these systems for building new business capabilities. Inifye empowers healthcare organizations to become consumer-driven and improve their services to achieve a better health outcome. With our scalable, efficient and sustainable healthcare solutions, you can streamline your operations and overall administrative structure.

Our Scope

Payer Services

We strive to harness the power of technology to help healthcare payers become more productive. From optimized insurance management to strategic decision-making for improved process flow, we offer a wide array of services

Provider Services

Our aim is to help healthcare providers lower their administrative costs and deliver better patient care with solutions that manage finance and accounting, electronic health records, patient enrollment and much more

Government & Public Health Programs

With our solutions, we improve the efficiency of government and public health programs so that they can expand their health services to more and more people.

Pharmacy Benefits Management

Provide better pharmaceutical care with our solutions that will make your pharmacy operations more flexible, control overall costs and help you with efficient drug utilization systems.