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We offer excellent opportunities for business partnerships, including working in an excellent team. We provide complete professional support and the creation of one’s own network of business contacts. We teach effective methods of marketing activities. We also design and develop software for the successful organization of our partners work. We operate through a vast network in many countries regionally and globally. We train our partners to become professional consultants in their respective industries, to attract customers and new business partners abroad, as well as to consult on acquisition of new business in the respective markets. We provide basic idea, a product, a marketing kit, personnel, training and specially developed CRM software to manage customer base, providing daily tasks and full support for your business. We specially organize Bitrix24 program as a unique CRM system, which is guaranteed to lead to expanding your network of business contacts, regardless of the offered product. It is very easy and simple to become a partner. First, you must decide that GPP business is suitable for you. We can help you decide during a brief discussion with one of our Consultants on Work with New Partners. Such short introductive presentations usually last a few minutes on Skype, Viber and WhatsApp.

Inifye Technologies is launched in a decade that is reinventing the future. Digitisation, globalisation and innovation has become the language of business. As the world adopted a new way of working, commerce became more challenging and business problems more complex.

The purpose of Inifye technologies “Global Partnership Program” is to help businesses of all sizes take advantage of the opportunities and address the problems created by this new world so they may successfully start, grow, export and innovate.

But we want more than just economic prosperity. 

Our desire is for a region and by extension a world rich in culture, devoid of inequality and poverty. Put simply, we want this region to be the place to live, work, learn and prosper.

Over 20 businesses have connected with us since our launch, including many brave entrepreneurs who have gone on to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and the wider community; SMEs exporting globally who provide employment for hundreds of people that make up our diverse communities and enterprise companies who selected the Caribbean for growth, tempted no doubt by the prospect of an aspirational region rich in culture, creativity, connectivity and talent.

A region’s success, after all, hinges on its ability to produce and sell goods and services. Business success today means more jobs for tomorrow, better technology, education, Service, customer experience and the opportunity to achieve our goal of creating good & Services that people can afford. We encourage local councils to communicate with each other to create region-wide joined up solutions. We challenge central government policy over issues that impact on the region – a whole raft of issues – from infrastructure, transport and digital connectivity to energy, housing and skills.

And we won’t stop there. 

Not having to pay dividends and with no stock market to impress, we are in the privileged position of being able to deep dive to understand what is really holding business back.

Our unique journey has taught us how to ask the right questions so we understand exactly what a business needs to succeed and then deliver best in class solutions to make success a reality. We will continue to produce in-depth analysis and share freely with the business community, so they can make informed decisions faster, and with government negotiators so that they have evidence to strike the right deals. When business grows the result is a better future for everyone, owners, stakeholders, employees and the region.

Please contact us and become a part of our global network.