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Engineering Services

Specializing in Electrical Engineering, Power Systems and High Voltage Design, Inifye also offers an extensive range of consulting services including Equipment Design and Upgrading.

Inifye also offers a range of testing services covering from annual maintenance type testing of low voltage equipment to high voltage equipment (Transformers, Cables, Switchgear, Circuit Breakers, Power System Disturbance Monitoring, etc.) All Testing performed are above the standard required by your respective Government Electrical Inspectorate.

Inifye Engineering Services Limited offers project supervision services for both Design and Contracting works in the electrical/engineering field. We can use other general contracting company which utilizes the project management services offered by our inhouse standard and policies. Some of our many services include;

  • Power system studies that can include arc flash hazard analyses, short circuit studies, coordination studies, load flow, harmonic studies, and many more.
  • Startup and commissioning services for all of your electrical and mechanical equipment needs.
  • Project management services that include scheduling, purchasing, tracking, engineering and construction management
  • Upgrades and modernization services that deliver technical innovations at a cost far lower than replacement
  • Electrical safety training
  • Emergency response services

Inifye Advantage – Inifye Engineering Services specialists diagnose and troubleshoot issues quickly and accurately. We don’t consult in an industry unless we have mastered its challenges and demonstrated improvements. In many cases, we have developed specific software solutions, project management protocols, and diagnostic equipment to streamline processes. Given our expertise come from combined knowledge of experienced personnel from across the globe, we aim to complete any task above standard.


  • Onsite Support* remote controls and electrical system diagnostics provides immediate response with operational, controls, and electrical-related issues.
  • Outage Fulfilment, multi-year, multi-site management and staffing for power delivery and drives and controls.
  • Data Centre Services team members design, maintain, and audit to support greater efficiency and uptime.
  • Power Systems Engineering Studies include one-line generation, protective relay coordination, short circuit analysis, arc-flash hazard analysis, and much more.
  • Electrical Balance of Plant services optimize the entire life cycle of your power delivery assets.