Here’s How AI Is Impacting Mobile App Development

Mobile programs are continually advancing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly empowering this evolution with increased intuitive apps for varied sectors of industry.

As thousands of programmed software and applications go into the current industry, services and products must be unique to render a different outlook than their competition and also meet up with the ever-rising customer standards.

Clients today are predicated on mobile phone applications like a solution for assistance and task conclusion. Even the AI’s learning ability and adaptability permit companies to meet with the requirements of clients by creating a personalized experience for every specific user. Let’s take a look at how technologies offered by artificial intelligence are impacting the development of the custom mobile app and what challenges are being faced by the technology on that front.

Here’s a list of AI-powered technologies that can transform the picture of custom mobile app development:

Speech Recognition Technology

With interactive voice controls thriving, speech recognition has been a new trending integration in mobile apps. We all are well aware of this technology with the names of Cortana and Siri systems, which assist in decoding and transforming human languages and emotions into computer friendly language.

Emotion Recognition

With each passing day, technologies are becoming sensitive towards understanding their customer’s requirements. Emotion recognition is one such interesting technology powered by AI, which helps a software or application to comprehend the emotions through their face. It’s carried out with the help of modern audio data and progressive image processing of a human face.

Image Recognition

Since it’s 2019, I am guessing nearly everyone’s mobile phone would be embedded with the feature of face (image) recognition. However, apart from operating systems of smartphones, this technology is been employed by several mobile phone applications as well. It can also be used to identify and detect an object from a galore of pictures or videos. This technology is already in use to identify license plates, verify users, diagnose diseases and much more.

Voice Managers or Chatbots

Chatbots and Voice managers have helped Artificial Intelligence Solutions achieve new standards. Integration of these technologies in any business application can benefit from achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. They are efficient in interacting with people online. One of the tasks that chatbots have simplified is of taking feedbacks from the users.

Machine Learning Platforms

Just in case your business application requires classification and forecasting in their operation process, then you must learn about ML, as machine learning platforms are best to implement such requirements.

Natural Language Technology

Natural language generation is booming in 2019. Therefore, big firms such as Digital Reasoning, Attivio, Cambridge Semantics, SAS, Automated Insights and much more leverage Natural Language Technology for applications dealing with customer services and involve market reviews or creating reports.


Numerous market research organizations are employing biometrics in order to recognize, measure and analyze the behavior of humans and the physical aspects of their body (structure and shape). All these are worked out with gesture control, images, voice, and sensory recognition.

This was all about how and what AI Programming Software have to offer us. Now, let’s discuss few core challenges faced by AI in mobile app development:


Technology giants have already said that artificial intelligence can put humans at stake by becoming more intelligent than humans themselves. However, there exists one more serious concern about privacy getting compromised with AI-powered mobile applications. There is an extreme requirement for companies to put great efforts on their applications to preserve and secure the data of users. Moreover, they must also ensure to regulate their data collection and sharing practices so as to be on a safer side and avoid any unnecessary attacks on customers privacy.

Constant Software Updates

With constant technological updates, any AI Programming Software would demand continuous updates to avoid becoming out-of-date. Therefore, there’s a need for a team to continuously look into the new updates for the application on a regular basis. AI is mostly employed to deal with a massive amount of data, which is collected and stored by the application, however it has to be directed in the way how that data must be used.


In this digital era, the revolution of integrating artificial intelligence with nearly all the latest technologies is imperative. AI presents each mobile application and computer networks with ‘smart’ connectivity, which offers a more human experience for the users. Although initially it was only adopted for application program interface (APIs), but with its advancements and powerful processors in the picture, mobile devices are all set to welcome AI-integrated applications.

So with this article, we can conclude that the need for integrating artificial intelligence with mobile applications is undoubtedly beneficial for users and businesses to enhance the level of experience and performance of the apps.

Some of the benefits of integrating AI with Custom Mobile App Development are as follows:

  • Special Opinion
  • Intellectual Answers
  • Smart Interaction
  • Deep Personalization

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